AP is making... "A Couple"

9.09 - My friend D asked me to make a couple. A couple is a pair or a few, often functioning as part of a larger something. Couples don't just sit together, the elements support each other, existing gracefully side by side, separated by distance, and individually.
10.09 - Building them I was inspired to make a small bunch who fit together quite nicely;
click here to see them. 11.09 - My friend said she thought my sculptures look eerily lifeless. I'm thinking about how I could use color and texture, and I'm looking for someone who'll model for me so I can reference their gestures and postures. Is anyone willing to be a model for a few hours? trade?
Another person came to be. I'm not feeling the compulsion towards dichotomy. Two is too simple. There aren't two ends, there are infinite ends.
12.09 - She just fell apart.
She's back together now. The man's legs were too short so I chopped 'em off. I'll extend them and put them back on, or else make new ones.
1.10 - That woman still seemed unhappy, so I gave her a new head and it fit quite well.
Changes are easy in clay.

3.10 - It's been too long. He's begun to fall apart; he never got new legs. I lost interest in him; to be honest I was never that into him. Now it's just the two women. They fit together well and I think they like each other.
My mom, slightly flustered by my sculpture and musings, gently asserted that by definition a coupling involves two pieces that join to do what neither could do on its own. I had been reacting to the concept of a couple and not the word.
I believe the two ladies are the "Couple" I was working towards. It's almost time to cook them :)

6.10 - I put the one on the right in the kiln this week. I was scared she'd explode, but I did I good job with air holes and she came out fine. She rattles though. hehe.

10.10 - I bisque fired one on the left, my favorite for sure, her head exploded. It was all my fault. In the excitement of making her a new head in the spring I forgot to empty out the cavity and a tiny air pocket blasted it open when it was fired. I was distraught for a few days, until my sister saw it and loved it. Destroying a project i've worked on for the past year and having the pain quelled by a loved one reminds me of good things.