I made a pottery studio

When I was six I set up a giant refrigerator box in my Dad's home office and called it a cave/castle. My invisible friend Red and I enjoyed the cave/castle thoroughly. My parents agreeing it was a fantastic abode, brought our meals to the door when we refused to leave.

A few years later I decided to build a pottery studio, again my family lovingly supported the endeavor. In 2009 the first kiln load was fired. I admit my studio may not look like much; I suppose to some it's no more impressive than a very large cardboard box. Fortunately, that doesn't matter. I can see endless possibilities. For one, it's a veritable rock factory; with enough people working on it we could build a mountain, or an island :)

Thank you for believing in my cave/castles Mom, Dad, Mamesy, and B, Steve the engineer, Gary the plumber, James the electrician, and Greg the kiln guy. No thanks to Con Edison for the unending bureaucracy and the asbestos fiasco.